That’s so Gay

If you’re gay, then you probably own multiple pink shirts.

If you’re gay, then it’s safe to say you drink Cosmos and Strawberry Daiquiris-with the sword and cherry of course.

If you’re gay, then I bet you spend hours gelling your hair and plucking your eyebrows.

If you’re gay, you’re most likely looking for attention.

If you’re gay, it’s more then likely you decided to be that way on your own

… so I thought two years ago.

My best friend and I like to eat a lot. In university, we would sit in grocery store parking lots and veg on yogurt parfaits for dinner. At night, we would drive around town aimlessly and stuff our faces with McDonalds. And Wednesday mornings before class, we would go out for breakfast at our favourite restaurant.

My best friend and I couldn’t be more different.

He likes outdoor activities, whereas I prefer-anything else.

I love to shop. He keeps clothes from five years ago so he doesn’t have to.

I like movies with happily ever afters. He likes movies where people’s heads get blown up.

He likes politics. I like when he stops talking politics.

I’m a good talker. He’s a better listener.

But we do have one thing in common.

We both like boys.

He told me two years ago in the university cafeteria.

It was the first time he told anyone.

As a result, his face was a dark shade of- lobster and his breathing sounded like he had just done an Ironman Triathlon 16 times.

My reaction wasn’t the greatest. I didn’t know anyone who was gay. The first thing that came out of my mouth was: “Are you sure?”


He didn’t own any pink shirts.

He hated Cosmos and Strawberry Daiquiris.

He didn’t spend any time on his hair or his eyebrows.

He was my friend.

I soon realized his sexual orientation was irrelevant and so were my stereotypes. His kind and selfless heart was the only thing that did, and should matter.

This guy would do anything for anyone.

In the middle of the night, he would pick me up at the airport with a handful of my favorite granola bars. He would bring me coffee when I was stressed during exam season. After a night out, he would always walk me home. He never told anyone that I ate the chocolate almonds while grocery shopping. He would try to make me dinner and then take me out for ice cream instead. When I was stuck on a school assignment, he’d edit it-or rewrite the whole thing so I’d get a good grade.

I will never understand how he felt when he realized he was gay.

I will never understand how he felt keeping this secret for so long.

I will never understand how he felt telling me in the university cafeteria.

I will never understand how he felt when I gave him such a terrible reaction.

But I do understand there isn’t anything I would change about him today.

Thank you for teaching me acceptance and the invalidity of stereotypes.But more importantly, thank you for your friendship.

Every once in awhile, special people are placed into our lives. This guy was dropped into mine to restore my way of thinking, and to have someone eat yogurt parfaits with me in a grocery store parking lot.


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I love writing stories-lots of stories.
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2 Responses to That’s so Gay


    But this was a beautiful post. ❤

  2. sarashyiak says:

    I really liked how honest you were in this blog. I think it takes guts to admit your own prejudices and it was very well written!

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