Blood, Sweat, and CreComm

In the words of Chumbawamba: “I get knocked down, but I get up again.”

In my last year of university, I felt like a Blue Whale in a puddle.

In my first year of CreComm I felt like a minnow in the Great Lakes combined.

I met people who had already filmed documentaries, worked for ad agencies, and travelled the world.

I talked myself up, and told them I won first place in a public speaking competition back in grade six.

They weren’t impressed.

I spoke with people who knew exactly what they wanted to do in the workforce. …The only thing I wanted to do in the workforce was wear pretty clothes.

Since September, I’ve grown into the program-with my pretty clothes in mind of course.

CreComm has taught me a thing or two (thousand) about myself as a student. For instance, Internet is ALWAYS spelt with a capital “I”.

I should have at least five alarm clocks set the night before, in case the first four don’t go off in the morning.

Don’t text under the table.

Don’t miss class-ever. I’m convinced instructors have cameras inside my teddy bears.

Teddy Bear

Don’t text under the table.

The auto-fail is worse than a death sentence.


Don’t text under the table.

Deadlines are everything.

Don’t text under the table.

Nothing is an accident it’s a mistake.

Sometimes I compare CreComm to a new boyfriend.

Brittany and Mike

It’s all I think about.
It’s all I talk about.
I spend all my time with it.
Or I spend all my time with people who associate with it.
Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I hate it.
Most nights I dream about it.
When it’s not around I miss it.
It makes me laugh, and it makes me cry-a lot.
It can make me really happy, but it can also rip my heart to shreds.
CreComm gets me, and I’m trying my best to “get it”.
I always want to make it happy, and do what it wants.

CreComm has stretched me in places I thought I could never bend before.
It has introduced me to a world of high stress levels, and a deep passion for perfectionism.
It has made way for lifelong friendships.


It has also forced me to question my sanity-everyday.

Most importantly, CreComm has pinpointed my craft.


It has identified my passion to write, listen, and share stories that are honest and meaningful to people around the world.

Without the blood, and sweat from CreComm Boot Camp, I never would have discovered this craft.


So thank you.

And remember never, EVER text under the table.


About lizzzfraser

I love writing stories-lots of stories.
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1 Response to Blood, Sweat, and CreComm

  1. Wendy says:

    And don’t text during any parties where Royal events are taking place, it’s four in the morning and the key requirement is social face-to-face participation with a bunch of old women who used to be your teachers. Look how you turned out! 😦

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