Would you like Love Handles with that?

There are three things my friends and I talk about most: Food, our weight, and the weight we put on from eating said food.

So, it’s day 17 of the infamous: New Year’s resolution.

This year, my resolution is to lose that extra Jello on my caboose. I know what you’re thinking.  The more the merrier.  That’s what I said at Christmas time, as I ate a dozen nanaimo bars.   However, I decided I want to develop a sort of Keira Knightley look, as opposed to the current marshmallow look I’ve been rocking.  

Coincidentally losing weight was the same resolution I had since- 1999. 

But this year, I’m on the right track.  I’ve been eating extremely healthy, and get my nutrient intake from every food group in Canada’s Food Guide. For instance:

Fruits and vegetables: Apple crisp. 

Meat: A Big Mac.

Dairy: Chocolate milkshake. 

Grains: Vanilla bean scones.


Sometimes I pretend my low calorie rice cake is a pepperoni pizza, and my bowl of soup is whip cream- just to keep myself on the right track.  And when I put on movies like The Blind Side or The Karate Kid I feel like I’m getting slimmer just by watching.

However, my resolution has its hurdles.  My roommate’s dad is learning to bake.  He comes by weekly to distribute everything from cinnamon buns to shortbread cookies.  Everyone has to make sacrifices for those they love right?  When we go to his house, her dad gives us dessert wine, lattes, and chocolate cheesecake.   If you can’t finish what’s on your plate-he won’t invite you back.

Since my resolution began, my willpower has developed immensely.  Instead of saying “yes absolutely” when someone offers me a cupcake, I say “maybe later,” and wait five minutes.

Before, everyday seemed like the “last day” I’d inhale chocolate or a bag of chips. This year, I’ve only had 17 “last days.”

Yep, this year is different.  I bought the lululemon headbands, the runners and the shorts.  I’m basically David Beckham.

I try to go to the gym everyday at four p.m., primarily because I can catch the Young and the Restless while I’m on the treadmill.    And sure, I look like those little girls in yoga pants-minus the winter tire around my midriff. Image

The last time my best friend and I went to the gym, we worked out for an hour and a half.  On the way home we rewarded ourselves with Starbucks coffee-and a counter full of desserts that were going to be thrown out.  Like any good samaritan, we took it all home.

At the rate I’m going my body will look like Pippa Middleton’s in 45 years,

When I weigh myself I remove everything from socks and hair elastics, to rings and nail polish.  It works-sometimes.  And if I’m unsatisfied with the result- the scale is probably broken and I wait another 12 months to use it.

Unfortunately, exercising and eating right shouldn’t be a resolution every 12 months.  It should be part of a daily routine.  You’ll feel better, and it’s a good excuse to blast LMFAO on your iPod.  If that isn’t motivation, then there’s always next year.


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