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There’s Plenty of Fish-on the Internet

I sat in apprehension.  This was finally it. I watched impatiently as the little pencil danced across my MSN chat window. It stopped. “Enter.  Press enter. Come ON.  You can do it. Enteeerrrrr. Press it, presssss ittttt,” I whined to … Continue reading

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Would you like Love Handles with that?

There are three things my friends and I talk about most: Food, our weight, and the weight we put on from eating said food. So, it’s day 17 of the infamous: New Year’s resolution. This year, my resolution is to … Continue reading

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New Job, New Undergarments

The only thing a journalist needs is a pen, paper, and some good quality underwear. After I found out about my internship with the Winnipeg Free Press I immediately bought a new pair of undergarments-logically.  Something big was happening in … Continue reading

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